Users of Samsung Galaxy Y series were severely disappointed when they came to know that Jelly Bean firmware was not included within the devices because of low-end hardware. However, the company soon addressed the issue by launching Samsung Galaxy Young which came with factory installed Android4.1 Jelly Bean. The handset was able to do average business and provided below is the tutorial that will help galaxy Young owners root their devices.


 The tutorial guides step by step and has been found effective for the purpose of rooting and Unroting. However, risk is always involved with such techniques. Setting expectations right before performing any such method is very important. Users of Galaxy GT-S6310 who are intrigued about rooting must know that it void the warranty and neither Samsung nor any source can be held responsible for any damage that occurs to their system. Moreover, the device must be un-rooted before warranty is claimed, if required in future. Neither, nor Developers would be responsible for any kind of damage or the loss of data on the device of the users while attempting to implement the following processes. Users would use this at their own risk. 

The rooting of Samsung’s Galaxy Young GT-S6310 definitely offers the users with lots of benefits and it makes it possible to install custom ROM package within the Smartphone. Apart from that users will also be able to install apps that require access to the root. As there is no specific method for rooting of the device, the Framaroot procedure will be used for rooting this handset.

gt 6310


  • Users need to download latest Samsung drivers. Once the download is over, it is necessary to make sure that the data cable compatible with the handset should be readily available. Before the start of the process, data cable for the handset need to be kept alongside as it will be required between the processes.
  • Those who have connected their Smartphone to computer for the 1st time will witness that the drivers are getting automatically installed from the handset. One should wait for the process to complete.
  • It is vital to ensure that at least seventy percent of battery life is there before the start of the process as getting turned off or shut down because of low battery between the processes might cause damage to the device.
  • It is advisable to turn off Firewall and Antivirus within the computer as they might create unwanted conflict during the execution of the process. Therefore, it is always good to turn them off until the whole process is complete.
  • One needs to navigate to Settings->Developers and check USB debugging option and turn it on.

Rooting Galaxy Young GT- S6310 from Samsung

  • Users need to download Framaroot APK on the computer.
  • After the application has been downloaded, the handset needs to be connected to the computer (the necessary drivers should be installed).
  • Users are required to browse the Secure Digital (SD) card of the handset and copy and paste file downloaded in the first step.
  • After that, it is required to enable permission for installing the apps from sources excluding Google Play. For that one is required to go to Menu then Settings then Unknown Sources (ON).
  • Now the file needs to be browsed with the help of File Manager and run APK for installing the application.
  • Users are required to follow on-screen instructions after running the application.
  • Once the installation is over, users need to launch GingerBreak app. After the opening up of the app interface, users are required to click on ‘Root’ button.
  • Once the button has been clicked, few minutes are required for the process to complete. Upon completion of installation, the device requires to be rebooted.

Unroot Galaxy Young GT-S6310 from Samsung

It is always recommended to unroot the handset prior to application of any OTA updates as there have been complaints from users stating that updating of official firmware on rooted devices through OTA caused different problems.