The quad core version of Samsung Galaxy Grand GT-I 8552 is known as Galaxy Grand Quattro. There are varieties of devices with quad core from even smaller companies available in the market. Due to such rise in quad core devices, Samsung cleverly launched Galaxy Grand Quattro to deal in the sub 20,000 segment where the likes of Micromax are faring tremendously well. Galaxy Grand Quattro has 4.7-inch display unlike the Galaxy Grand Duos, which has 5-inch screen.


Users who consider rooting must know the risk involved with the process. Rooting voids the warranty offered by Samsung for the device. Therefore, the device has to be unrooted before any claim is made in future. Moreover, though the steps that are described in this guide are practically tested, they do not have warranty whatsoever. Though it is unlikely, if the device gets damaged, users will not be able to claim against the source of information or the rooter who prepared the guide. Neither, nor Developers would be responsible for any kind of damage or the loss of data on the device of the users while attempting to implement the following processes. Users would use this at their own risk. 

Those who have bought Galaxy Grand Quattro smart phone and are adventurous might want to customise the operating system of their phones. This guide can help such users to root their Galaxy Grand Quattro in a few steps. The steps are few and simple to execute. After rooting the OS users can freely any application that demands rooting access. Flashing different custom ROM firmware can also be done. However, the procedure for flashing is not included along with rooting/unrooting tutorial.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro GT-I 8552

Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro GT-I 8552


  • Latest Samsung drivers have to be downloaded.
  • Data cable compatible with Samsung phones is required during the process and has to be readily available.
  • The drivers get installed automatically if the phone hass never been connected to a computer before. However, users have to grant permission to Windows for automatic installation of driver.
  • The phone battery must have minimum 70% of charge at the start of the process. Short battery charge may cause the device to shutdown in the middle of the process, which can damage the device.
  • All the firewalls and antivirus installed on the computer have to be disabled before the process starts. Firewall and antivirus cause unwanted conflict during the process. They can be enabled after the phone is disconnected from the computer.
  • USB Debugging has to be turned on by going to Setting>Developers.
  • It is advised that SMS, contact details and other important data be backed up to prevent any kind of loss.

Once prerequisites are met, the process can be started.

Guide for rooting Galaxy Grand Quattro

  • Step1: Download Framaroot APK on the computer.
  • Step 2: Connect the phone to the computer after the download completes.
  • Step 3: Browse to the SD card in the mobile phone and copy the files that were downloaded at Step 1 and the paste them.
  • Step 4: Grant the permission for installation of applications from any source but Google Play Store. It can be done by going to Menu>Settings>Unknown Sources (ON).
  • Step 5: Navigate Framaroot APK file through File Manager; then only APK for installation of the application.
  • Step 6: Follow all the instructions that are appear on the screen after Framaroot APK starts running on the smart phone.
  • Step 7: When the installation completes, select action after root. It should be selected as Install SU or Install superuser.
  • Step 8: At the final step, root the device as Gandalf by selecting an exploit from the list. The process takes 2-5 seconds, after which the ‘Success’ messages are displayed.
  • Step 9: Restart the smart phone to get su binary and superuser installed in binary format.

With those 9 steps, the rooting of Galaxy Grand Quattro successfully completes. Messages regarding updating Android are displayed when the phone is restarted. There is nothing to worry; it indicates the OS has been rooted.

Unrooting Galaxy Grand Quattro

  • Step 1: Run Framaroot Application.
  • Step 2: Select Unroot as the action to be executed after root.
  • Step 3: Root the device Gandalf by selecting an exploit from the list. The process takes 2-5 seconds after which the ‘Success’ message is displayed.

These simple 3 steps unroot the device. Users have to reboot the device for effect. Now, the warranty can be claimed for the Samsung device.